Drinkware PDF Report

The Drinkware category is complete, listing every drinking vessel that was produced in clear crystal.  Most of the items in this category are Stems, Tumblers, Cups, Mugs, etc.  Bigger items that are associated with beverages (but not that you actually drink from) will be listed in a different category – such as Punch Bowls, Decanters, etc.

Each item in this category has their own unique ID number, which corresponds to the numbering system in my Drinkware Category PDF.  This makes it helpful for identification purposes, and also when researching a specific item.  Eventually, all items (in all categories) will have their own ID number.

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Due to the many requests I receive from collectors, I have produced a PDF file specifically for the Drinkware category. The printable PDF shows a photo of each piece that was produced – along with its official name and approximate dimensions – including an item number that I have assigned to each piece. 

Most collectors will find this resource material very helpful.  Print out for future review, or simply store on your phone for reference while treasure hunting! 

Baby Tumbler

Beer Mug


Flared Ice Tea

Flared Table Tumbler

Footed Cocktail

Footed Cup

Footed Handled Ice Tea

Footed Ice Tea

Footed Punch Cup

Footed Tumbler – 5 oz.

Footed Tumbler – 9 oz.

Goblet – Hex. Foot

Handled Sherbet

Low Goblet

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Oyster Cocktail

Punch/Custard Cup –

Punch/Custard Cup –

Punch Cup – Flared
Flat Handle

Punch Cup – Regular
Flat Handle

Regular Ice Tea

Regular Table Tumbler

Regular Tumbler

Tom & Jerry Mug



Identification & Reference Books

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