High Foot Comport (No Cover)

High Foot Comport


Item Number:  #388
Approximate Size:  5″ D – 6¼″ H
Production Dates:  1924-1982

The High Foot Comports were sold two ways – with, or without a cover.  The High Foot Compote & Cover is obviously taller, with a height measurement of approximately 9-inches.  This item is really beautiful, and the long stem makes it grand in appearance and stature.  It’s a wonderful serving dish for small items of food – such as cookies, treats, and/or candy.

I have personally found the terms “compote” and “comport” confusing.  If one truly researches the word comport, it leaves you pondering whether it should be used at all when describing vintage dishes. The true distinction (and confusion) between compote and comport is in the physical characteristics of each.  I will leave it up to your good judgement to make sense of them, and to determine their proper use.  Whether we understand the terminology or not, the fact remains that Fostoria Glass described this item as a comport.  In order to remain authentic and accurate to this item’s history, I shall describe it in the same fashion.

These items were produced for a very long time and are not too difficult to find in today’s market.  If you are interested in purchasing the High Foot Comport, please click the following sponsored link for available Comports on eBay.  I would also suggest that you search for the additional term “candy dishes”, as some people might refer to this item as such.

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