Fostoria | American | Handled Sherbet

Handled Sherbet


Item Number:  #D-04
Height:  3½”
Production Dates:  1915-1943

The Fostoria American Handled Sherbet was one of the pioneering pieces in the original 1915 supplement catalog of the American line #2056.  It is really a beautiful piece – very versatile, and bearing a slim handle on its side.  It was discontinued sometime around World War II; therefore, it is considered one of the more rare pieces in the American pattern.

The Handled Sherbet is approximately 3½” tall, and can hold about 4½ ounces.  I believe it to be one of the more unusual pieces in the 2056 line, and am especially drawn to it.  No matter how you use it – either for a drink or a dessert – it is truly a beautiful piece to behold.

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Fostoria American Handled Sherbet | Quite beautiful when full of amber Apple Cider.

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