Fostoria | American | Footed Cocktail

Footed Cocktail


Item Number:  #21
Height:  2⅞″
Production Dates:  1935-1970

The Fostoria American Footed Cocktail looks quite different from many of the other Drinkware pieces in the American line.  It has no stem whatsoever, so it is fairly easy to distinguish from the stemware.  A unique and classy piece of glass, it has a round foot that is substantial for its size.  It holds about 3 ounces, and is approximately 2⅞” high.  The Footed Cocktails were produced for approximately thirty-five years, so we can still find them without too much difficulty.

Fostoria American Footed CocktailEven by today’s standards, the Footed Cocktail makes an excellent presentation piece for serving a wide range of cocktails and desserts.  With its beautiful shaped design and sturdy base, it is a great choice to use as a martini glass.  The Footed Cocktails are also wonderful for serving sorbet, gelato, and other delicious desserts in grand style.

Classic cocktail glasses have an inverted cone shape, and typically hold between 3 to 6 ounces.  They are used to serve cocktails without ice, or ‘straight up.’  Most cocktails have wonderful and interesting aromas, so the wide mouth of the Footed Cocktail allows the delicious scent to get very close to the nose of the drinker.

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Fostoria American Drinkware PDF Report Sample

Drinkware Category PDF 

This information is a good resource for those enthusiasts that want to catalog and/or print out all the pieces in the Fostoria American Drinkware category.  This is great information to put in a scrap book on the American pattern, or in a binder for future reference.

The PDF Report will show a photo of each piece that was produced – along with its official name and approximate dimensions – including an item number that I have assigned to each piece.  


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