Fostoria | American | Tom & Jerry Mug

Tom and Jerry Mug


Item Number:  #708
Height:  3¼”
Production Dates:  1935-1944 and 1980-1982 as Handled Mug

(aka Handled Mug)

The Tom and Jerry Mug is a beautiful little piece.  It is approximately 3¼” tall, and holds about 5½ ounces.  Contrary to what many people think, this mug was originally designed for adults – not children.  It was first introduced around 1935, at a time when a traditional yuletide cocktail was very popular in the United States.  The name of this hot cocktail was a “Tom & Jerry”.

At the time Fostoria introduced the Tom and Jerry Mug into its American line, they categorized this piece as a “Liquor Item”.  Is is, indeed, the perfect size for a warm cocktail.  Eventually, the drink of the same name started to lose its popularity.  It would seem that separating twelve eggs and garnishing each drink with wintry spices was quite labor intensive for many folks – no matter how good the cocktail was.  The Tom and Jerry Mug stayed in production through 1944; thereafter, it stayed in retirement for many years.

Fostoria | American | Tom and Jerry

When it was later reintroduced, it was known simply as a Handled Mug, item #708.  Due to its smaller size, this particular mug was included in the American Boxed Youth Gift Set.  The set included a Handled Mug (aka Tom and Jerry Mug), a Bowl, and a 6″ Plate.  Even though Fostoria’s official name for this piece was now the Handled Mug, it is commonly and affectionately called the “Baby Mug” by many people.

Fostoria American Tom and Jerry Mug - FGSATom and Jerry Mugs were primarily produced in clear crystal.  The mugs were produced at Fostoria’s glass plant in Moundsville, WV.  The Ruby Handled Mugs; however, were commissioned by the Fostoria Glass Society of America.  If you look at the bottom of a Ruby Handled Mug, you will see their initials, “FGSA”.

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