Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Regular Table Tumbler

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Fostoria | American | Regular Table Tumbler

Description:  Regular Table Tumbler
Item Number:  #76
Height:  3⅞″
Production Dates:  1915-1982

One of the pioneering pieces in the American pattern, the Table Tumbler – Regular – was produced for many years and proved to be a favorite by consumers.  Unlike many other Tumblers in the American line, it is not footed in design.  Also, the Table Tumbler will have straight sides. It will hold about 8 oz. and has an approximate height of 3⅞”.

Fostoria produced an abundance of Tumblers in the American pattern.  If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Tumblers on eBay.

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