Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Footed Tumbler 5 oz.

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Fostoria American 5 oz. Footed Tumbler

Many people classify this Fostoria American Footed Tumbler as a Goblet; however, that is actually incorrect. Fostoria made both Goblets and Tumblers, in addition to a variety of other stemware.  While this Tumbler’s overall design is very similar to a Goblet, the difference can be found in the actual stem.  Tumblers do not have the longer stems that you see on the Goblets, or they have no stem at all.

The Footed Tumbler holds approximately 5 ounces and is about 4¾” in height.  It was an extremely popular item in the Fostoria American line, and was produced from 1934-1982.  If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Tumblers on eBay.

Fostoria | American | Tumbler - 5 oz.One of the things I like best about the clear crystal pieces is their versatility. For example, this 5 oz. Footed Tumbler looks great on any table setting, no matter the color. The American pattern, in the clear crystal, can highlight your table’s color – either in the reflection of the cube design itself, or by the color of your preferred beverage.  Clear crystal stemware handles that task with ease.

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