Item Number:  #448
Height:  4¼” D – 4¼” H
Production Dates:  1915-1983

Most people don’t realize that Fostoria Glass sold the Jelly dish two ways – with, or without a cover.  Often, when a collector finds the Jelly without a cover, they think that it is not complete – or that the cover got broke along the way.  Some consumers did not want a cover on their Jelly; therefore, this item was available with two options.  Fostoria Glass even designated two different item numbers for these pieces – #448 for the uncovered Jelly, and #447 for the Jelly and Cover.

The Jelly is about 4¼” in diameter.  It is one of the pioneering pieces in the line, debuting in the first Fostoria American 1915 Catalog Supplement. With a very long production life, it was still being manufactured right up until the Fostoria Glass factory closed.  In fact, the Jelly (without a cover) was one of the few pieces featured in the 1983 Fostoria catalog – allowing it to live one year longer than its lidded sibling.

Fostoria | American | Jelly and CoverBack when this piece was first introduced over a hundred years ago, serving jelly or dessert in this type of glassware was very popular, especially in the 1800’s, and for years thereafter. While many households no longer serve jelly in this fashion today, these Jelly dishes were an important part of our history – both in the American pattern, and in the American way of life.

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