Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Footed Ice Tea

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Fostoria | American | Footed Ice Tea

Description:  Footed Ice Tea
Item Number:  #63
Height:  5¾″
Production Dates:  1932-1982

This is the 12 oz. Fostoria American Footed Ice Tea.  It is a substantial piece of glass, with flared sides.  It has a height of approximately 5¾ inches. The Footed Ice Tea was a popular piece in the Fostoria American line, being produced for an estimated fifty years.

In my opinion, the Footed Ice Tea has a Look-Alike piece in the different Whitehall glass patterns. While the two pieces of glass don’t exactly look the same, they possess enough similarities to cause confusion for many people.  Both the Whitehall pattern, and the American Whitehall pattern, produced a similar piece by the name of a “Cooler”.

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