Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Oyster Cocktail (aka Sherbet)

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Fostoria American 4½ oz. Oyster Cocktail

This is the Fostoria American Oyster Cocktail; however, when it was first introduced in 1915 – it was called a “Sherbet”.  Though it is the same dish, its name did change slightly throughout the following years. As time passed, it was called a Sherbet (Oyster Cocktail). Then, finally, it was just called an Oyster Cocktail. This piece is classified in my Drinkware category; however, it could also be included in the Desserts category. Both would be correct.  Since it was last called an Oyster Cocktail (for drinking Oyster Shooters), I have classified it in the Drinkware category.

The Oyster Cocktail dish is approximately 3½” tall and can hold about 4½ ounces.  With a bowl and a stem, this is a unique and interesting dish in the Fostoria American line.  It is a very versatile piece capable of being used for many things – from cocktails to desserts, and for even serving sauces.

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