Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Regular High Sherbet

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Fostoria | American | High Sherbet - Regular

This is the Fostoria American Regular High Sherbet dish.  Fostoria made several sherbet dishes, ranging from a flared design to a “regular” design. One can distinguish between the two because the flared variety has flared sides, whereas the Regular Sherbet does not.  The sherbet dishes also came in different heights, from low foots to high foots.

Fostoria | American | The Sherbet dishes make wonderful cupcake holders!The Regular High Sherbet holds approximately 4½ ounces, and is about 4½” tall.  These dishes can be used for many things.  One of my most favorite ways to serve cupcakes on a table is with the Regular Sherbet dishes.  The cupcakes fit perfectly in the round dish and they make for a colorful and beautiful table presentation.  I’ve placed them in the center of a plate, off to the side … and even used them as placeholders.  Nothing is more wonderful than being able to use a vintage dish in new ways.  Enjoy them!

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