Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056


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Fostoria | American | Sundae

This is the Fostoria American Sundae dish.  Fostoria made several dessert dishes; many were called a “Sherbet” of some type.  The Sundae dish stands alone, and simply by looking at it, one can tell it was appropriately named.  It just looks like a Sundae dish – waiting for a scoop or two of some delicious ice cream!

The Fostoria American Sundae holds approximately 6 ounces, and is about 3⅛” tall.  It is one of the first pieces ever produced in the American 2056 line, and can be seen in Fostoria’s 1915 Catalog Supplement.  The Sundae had a long production life as well, and was produced up until 1982.

Fostoria | American | Sundae | These are the perfect dishes for serving fruit, dessert, and ice cream!This is a very versatile dish and can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways.  While the Sundae dish is the perfect size for serving ice cream, it also is wonderful for other treats too.  I like to put individual servings of fruit in them, especially when I want a pop of vibrant color showing through.

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