Fostoria | American | Wine



Item Number:  #26
Height:  4½″
Production Dates:  1915-1982

This is the Fostoria American Wine Glass, with a Hexagon Foot.  It is about 4½” tall, and holds 2½ ounces. One of the smaller pieces in the Drinkware category, it looks very similar to the 10 oz. Goblet that also has a Hexagon Foot.  The main difference is that the Wine glass is much smaller in scale and size than the 10 oz. Goblet.

Fostoria | American | Wine GlassesThe Wine glasses were produced for a very long time.  In fact, they are one of the pioneering pieces in the American line – being featured in the original 1915 Fostoria American catalog.  Because of their long production life, they are still relatively easy to find.  All of the drinkware in the Fostoria American Line is lovely, and each item can be seen on the Gallery page.

The popular American pattern kept the Fostoria Glass Company alive during the Great Depression. When one looks at these two beautifully crafted Wine glasses, it is easy to understand why.  They make a perfect pairing all by themselves!  They also look wonderful on the dinner table when paired with the 10 oz. Goblet.

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