Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Flared High Sherbet

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Fostoria | American | High Sherbet - Flared

This is the Fostoria American Flared High Sherbet dish.  Fostoria made several sherbet dishes, ranging from a flared design to a “regular” design. One can distinguish between the two because the regular variety does not have flared sides, whereas the Flared Sherbet does.  The sherbet dishes also came in different heights, from low foots to high foots.

Fostoria | American | Desserts - Flared vs. Regular A “flared” Sherbet is pictured above on the left, and a “regular” Sherbet is pictured next to it on the right.  The Flared High Sherbet only came with a round foot and holds approximately 4½ ounces.  It is about 4⅜” tall.

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