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Pictures are happily posted to assist in identification; however, all images are copyrighted and any unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

All of the Fostoria American items shown below have informational posts attached to them. While individual photos should aid in identification of items, other data – such as measurements and production years – are also disclosed. Previously, most collectors would have had to purchase a book to retrieve this type of detailed information. My hope is that you find this Photo Gallery a valuable and trusted resource. 

Happy Collecting!

Fostoria American Individual Appetizer

Appetizer, Buffet, Relish

Fostoria American Cordial Bottle & Stopper

Bar, Refreshment

Fostoria American Hair Receiver Box & Cover

Boudoir Accessories

Fostoria American Centerpiece - 11"

Bowls, Centerpieces

Cake Stands, Salvers

Fostoria American Candlestick 6"

Candle Holders, Lighting

Covered Candies

Fostoria American Deep Nappy - 8"

Comports, Nappies

Fostoria | American | Footed Cup. Second variation.


Dinnerware Accessories

Footed Stemware, Tumblers

Ice Dish, Liners

Fostoria American Flared Jelly

Jam, Jellies, Marmalade

Fostoria American 3 Pint Ice Jug

Jugs, Pitcher, Water Bottle


Fostoria American Oil & Stopper - 5 oz.

Oils, Mayonnaise

Plates, Platters, Trays

Salt Servers

Fostoria American Oval Almond

Small Bowls/Dishes

Smoking Accessories

Fostoria American Dripcut Syrup

Syrups, Molasses Cans

Vases, Bouquet Holders

Identification & Reference Books

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