Fostoria | American | Claret



Item Number:  #25
Height:  4⅞″
Production Dates:  1976-1982

The Claret is one of the more unique and fascinating pieces in the American line of footed stemware.  It was only produced for a few years before the Fostoria Glass Company closed its doors; therefore, it is not as plentiful in the aftermarket as some other Fostoria American pieces. Because of these factors, the Claret usually comes at a higher price tag.

The American pattern was introduced in 1915.  Over the many years that the Fostoria Glass Company was in business, the dining and drinking habits of American households had changed.  Fostoria would make adaptations along the way by introducing new pieces that correlated to the current trend of the day.  I believe the Claret was one of those pieces.  It was not introduced until 1976, and it was bigger than the previous Wine piece that only held about 2½ oz.   In contrast, the Claret has a capacity of 7 ounces and is approximately 4⅞” in height.

Fostoria | American | Clarets - Regular and FlaredIt is important to mention that the Claret was produced in two variations.  Most books don’t reference this fact, and some don’t even mention the Claret at all.  It is an important detail, as some collectors might not think the two variations are actually the same item.  The Claret can be found with a straight rim (regular) or a flared rim.  It has been my experience that the regular Claret is usually a bit taller than the flared version.  Of the two, I consider the straight-rimmed Claret to be more rare.

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Fostoria American Drinkware PDF Report Sample

Drinkware Category PDF 

This information is a good resource for those enthusiasts that want to catalog and/or print out all the pieces in the Fostoria American Drinkware category.  This is great information to put in a scrap book on the American pattern, or in a binder for future reference.

The PDF Report will show a photo of each piece that was produced – along with its official name and approximate dimensions – including an item number that I have assigned to each piece.  


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