Fostoria | American | Goblet (Hex.Foot)

Goblet – Hex. Foot


Item Number:  #02
Height:  6⅞″
Production Dates:  1915-1982

Presented here are the 10 oz. Fostoria American Goblets, which have hexagonal feet. These are quite substantial pieces and are approximately 6⅞” tall.  These particular goblets have a long stem, which adds to their stature and beauty. Though introduced over 100 years ago – they still look timeless today.  They are a classic, indeed.

These Goblets were produced through 1982, so they are not that hard to find in the aftermarket.  Other drinking vessels were also produced – such as Tumblers, Mugs, and more.  All of the clear crystal pieces in the Drinkware category can be seen on the Gallery page.

Fostoria | American | GobletThe Goblet and the Wine both have a hexagonal foot.  Their design is very similar to each other, except for their size.  The Goblet is the bigger of the two, and has a holding capacity of approximately 9-10 ounces.  Both pieces were introduced in 1915, and each will have three mould seams.  Neither item has a look-alike in the Whitehall and/or the American Whitehall pattern.

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