Item Number:  #UR-05
Approximate Size:  4½” D – 5″ H
Production Dates:  1925

The Jelly dishes that were produced in the American pattern are interesting.  The reason is because they made three different versions that did not have covers, and one that was offered with – or without – a cover.  Most people are only familiar with the regular Jelly, as it was produced for a very long time and is the one most often seen.  While the Flared Jelly is an item that you might see from time to time, the Deep Regular Jelly is by far one of the most elusive jelly dishes of all.

The Deep Regular Jelly is a prized item from the American 2056 line.  This item was only produced in 1925, so that fact alone should give you an idea of how hard this piece is to find today.  There were two different types of deep jellies produced – a regular, and a flared version.  If you look long and hard – and have deep enough pockets, you can still find a Deep Regular Jelly today.  The Deep Flared Jelly; however, is the rarest of them all.  Even though I have never seen the flared version in person, it is possible that one or two might still exist.

If you are interested in learning more about current availability and pricing, please click the following sponsored link for available Jelly dishes on eBay. While the link I provided is for all types of jelly dishes; the Deep Regular Jelly rarely (if ever) shows up on eBay.

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