Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Footed Cup

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Fostoria American 7 oz. Footed Cup

Fostoria American’s Footed Cup is a piece that I find intriguing.  While I am aware that published authors on the American pattern sometimes refer to this cup as a “Punch Cup” and/or a “Coffee Cup”, I merely call it a “Footed Cup”.  The reason I do so is because that is how Fostoria Glass Company referred to it in their many catalogs.

Obviously, this piece makes for a perfect coffee cup – and Fostoria did make a Saucer that fit the Footed Cup perfectly.  That being said, it also is the perfect cup for serving punch or a cup of tea – or just about any other beverage. Thus, this particular piece in the Fostoria American line is simply referred to as the Footed Cup – and I will leave it to you to decide how to use it.

One will notice; however, that the Footed Cup can vary slightly in how it looks. While the Fostoria catalogs refer to only one Footed Cup, a slight difference can be found among the cups produced.  All the cups were footed; however, it is the clear band of glass on top (the rim) that can vary in appearance.  Some cups appear to be flared outward, while others appear more regular in design.  The differences are slight, with the top diameter being up ¼” bigger on the flared variation.

The Footed Cup has three mould seams, and the height is approximately 2¾” (a bit taller than the other cups because of the foot).  Each cup holds approximately 7 ounces.  If you would like to see other pictures of Fostoria American Drinkware, please refer to the Drinkware Gallery section.

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