Fostoria | American | Flared Table Tumbler

Flared Table Tumbler

Drinkware & Stemware

Item Number:  77
Height:  4⅜″
Production Dates:  1915-1974

Fostoria American Flared Table TumblerThe Flared Table Tumbler is one of my most favorite pieces.  The flared design is especially pleasing to me, and I find the pieces to be quite elegant and beautiful.  There also is a Flared Ice Tea, which is bigger in design and holds about 12 oz.  The Flared Table Tumbler pictured here holds about 8 oz. and is approximately 4⅜” high.

This particular Tumbler was also one of the pioneering pieces in the original 1915 supplement catalog of the American line #2056.  Therefore, this piece has a long history and was produced for over half a century.  The Flared Table Tumbler was discontinued in the early 1970’s, so it will not be as plentiful in the aftermarket as the Flared Ice Tea.

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