Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Flared

Punch/Custard Cup – Flared


Item Number:  #616
Height:  2½″
Production Dates:  1915-1970

Fostoria made a few different punch cups, with most differences being attributed to their handle and whether the cup was flared or regular in shape. This particular Fostoria American Punch | Custard Cup is the flared version, with a round handle.

It will have three mould seams, and has a top band of clear glass about ¾” high. The cup’s height is approximately 2½”, with a flat bottom.  Because of the flared design – the top diameter is approximately 3½”, which is larger than the regular version.  The cup’s capacity is roughly 6 ounces.

Like the Regular Punch (Custard) Cup, it was also one of the first cups introduced in the American pattern.  In fact, it is featured in the original 1915 Fostoria American catalog.  When introduced, Fostoria Glass Company referred to it as a “Custard” Cup, not a Punch Cup.  It was not until many years later that Fostoria Glass started referring to it as their Flared Punch Cup.  One must remember, that as the times changed … so did people’s cooking and eating habits.  Fostoria Glass would sometimes add or delete items, or change their respective names, to reflect the current trends in the market.

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Fostoria American Drinkware PDF Report Sample

Drinkware Category PDF 

This information is a good resource for those enthusiasts that want to catalog and/or print out all the pieces in the Fostoria American Drinkware category.  This is great information to put in a scrap book on the American pattern, or in a binder for future reference.

The PDF Report will show a photo of each piece that was produced – along with its official name and approximate dimensions – including an item number that I have assigned to each piece.  


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