Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Flared - Flat Handle

Punch Cup – Flared, Flat Handle

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Item Number:  D-02
Height:  2¼″
Production Dates:  Not Cataloged

It is important to note that the flared Punch Cups, with flat handles, varied slightly in size.  The one shown in this post is the bigger one, with a top diameter of approximately 3½”.  The height of the Punch Cup is approximately 2¼”, with a flat bottom.  Other size variations (up to about ¼”) might also be found in the height of the clear band of glass around the top of the cup.  The Punch Cup holds about 6 ounces.

This Punch Cup is referenced to as “flat-handled” because the top of the handle is flat.  This characteristic is different from other punch cups and coffee cups made by Fostoria Glass, which featured a typical round handle.

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