Fostoria | American | Footed Punch Cup

Footed Punch Cup


Item Number:  #614
Height:  2¾″
Production Dates:  1970’s-1982

The Footed Punch Cup was one of the last cups produced in the Fostoria American pattern.  At the time of its introduction, the previous punch and/or custard cups had been discontinued.  Starting in the 1970’s, the Footed Punch Cup was now the one and only punch cup in the entire 2056 line.  Fostoria never described it as a coffee cup.  Put simply, it is the Footed Punch Cup.

The cups in the American pattern can be somewhat confusing.  The Footed Punch Cup is often referred to as a “Regular Coffee Cup”.  This description is not accurate, even though you could certainly serve coffee in it (or anything else.)  Even so, Fostoria marketed it solely as a punch cup. Fostoria catalogs usually featured the Footed Punch Cups sitting next to the assorted punch bowls.  They were typically standing solo, or atop a coaster.  They were rarely paired with a saucer, as Fostoria often did with the Footed Cup.

The Footed Punch Cup has three mould seams, and it is approximately 2¾” in height.  Since the Footed Punch Cup is not as flared the Footed Cup, the top opening is about ½” smaller in diameter.  Each cup holds approximately 7 ounces.  Out of all the cups that Fostoria produced in the American pattern, the Footed Punch Cup is probably the one that is most often identified incorrectly.

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