Fostoria | American | Low Goblet

Low Goblet


Item Number:  #03
Height:  5½″
Production Dates:  1932-1982

This is the Fostoria American Low Goblet.  It is approximately 5½” tall, and holds about 9 ounces.  It was a popular item in the American line and was produced for many years.  The Low Goblet is one of my most favorite pieces because it is very versatile.  It looks beautiful in just about every situation – from a casual dinner to the most elegant dinner party imaginable.

Fostoria made both Goblets and Tumblers, in addition to a wide variety of other drinkware.  While some of the designs of the Tumblers can be similar to a Goblet, the difference can be found in the actual stem. Tumblers do not have the longer stems that you see on the Goblets, or they have no stem at all.

Fostoria | American | The Low Goblet and the ClaretOne piece in the American pattern that people sometimes confuse with the Low Goblet is the Claret.  The Low Goblet is bigger than the Claret, and the differences can be noted in this photograph.

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