Drinkware & Stemware

Fostoria American Drinkware and Stemware Inventory Sheet
Taking care of your glass dishware is very important.  This can sometimes be time consuming when crevices are involved.  By using soft foam material, you can rest easy that you will not scratch, chip, or break valuable crystal glasses. If you can, try to invest in at least three shapes of brushes (paid link). They will allow you to clean any glass, goblet, decanter, or bottle imaginable. You can easily bend the brush to your desired shape – cleaning those dirty and hard to reach areas!  We need to take care of our Fostoria American collections, so that the next generation will be able to enjoy these treasures just as much as we do.

Need to do an inventory of your Drinkware and Stemware?  This sheet might prove helpful!

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Fostoria | American | Goblet (Hex.Foot)
02. Goblet
(Hex Foot)
03. Low Goblet
Fostoria | American | Footed Dessert - Hexagon Foot
05. Footed Dessert
(Hex Foot)
Fostoria | American | High Sherbet - Flared
09. High Sherbet – Flared
Fostoria American Regular High Sherbet
10. High Sherbet – Regular
Fostoria | American | Low Sherbet - Flared
12. Low Sherbet – Flared
Fostoria | American | Low Sherbet - Regular
13. Low Sherbet – Regular
Fostoria | American | Sundae
16. Sundae
Fostoria | American | Footed Cocktail
21. Footed Cocktail
Fostoria | American | Old Fashioned Cocktail
22. Old Fashioned Cocktail
Fostoria | American | Claret
25. Claret
Fostoria | American | Wine
26. Wine
Fostoria | American | Oyster Cocktail
33. Oyster Cocktail ~ Sherbet
63. Footed Ice Tea ~ Luncheon Goblet
64. Regular Ice Tea
Fostoria | American | Flared Ice Tea
65. Flared Ice Tea


72. Footed Tumbler –
9 oz.
76. Regular Table Tumbler
77. Flared Table Tumbler
88. Footed Tumbler –
5 oz.
89. Regular Tumbler
Fostoria | American | Whiskey
100. Whiskey
141. Baby Tumbler
Fostoria | American | Footed Cup
396. Footed Cup
Fostoria | American | Footed Punch Cup
614. Footed Punch Cup
Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Regular
615. Regular Punch/Custard Cup
Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Flared
616. Flared Punch/Custard Cup


Fostoria | American | Tom & Jerry Mug
708. Tom & Jerry Mug ~ Handled Baby / Youth Mug
Fostoria | American | Beer Mug
709. Beer Mug ~ Tankard
Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Regular - Flat Handle
D-01. Regular Punch Cup – Flat Handle
Fostoria | American | Punch/Custard Cup - Flared - Flat Handle
D-02. Flared Punch Cup – Flat Handle
D-03. Footed Handled Ice Tea ~ Lemonade
D-04. Handled Sherbet

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