Vases & Bouquet Holders

The American pattern offered a great variety of vases, in several sizes and designs.  Item #601 is known by two names – the 7″ Flared Vase and the High Foot for the 14″ Punch Bowl.  All dimensions are approximate, as each item was finished by hand.    

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Fostoria American Bagged Vase

Bagged Vase

Cupped Vase – 10″

Fostoria American 6-Inch Flared Vase

Flared Vase – 6″

Flared Vase 7″ | High Foot

Flared Vase – 8″

Fostoria | American | Flared Vase - 9½"

Flared Vase – 9½”

Fostoria American Flared Vase - 10"

Flared Vase – 10″

Fostoria American Flower Box

Flower Box

Flower Pot and Cover

Fostoria American Footed Bud Vase - Cupped 6"

Footed Bud Vase, Cupped – 6″

Fostoria American Footed Bud Vase, Cupped - 8.5 inch

Footed Bud Vase, Cupped – 8½”

Fostoria American Footed Bud Vase, Flared - 6 inch

Footed Bud Vase, Flared – 6″

Fostoria American Footed Bud Vase, Flared - 8.5 inch

Footed Bud Vase, Flared – 8½”

Porch Vases

Rose Bowl – 3½”

Rose Bowl – 5″

Fostoria American Square Footed Vase

Square Footed Vase

Fostoria American 6" Square Urn

Square Urn – 6″

Fostoria American Square Urn - 7.5 Inch

Square Urn – 7½”

Fostoria American Sweetpea Vase

Sweetpea Vase

Fostoria American Swung Vases

Swung Vases

Topper Vase

Fostoria American Vase ~ Tall Celery

Vase | Tall Celery

Fostoria American Vase - 8 inch

Vase – 8″

Fostoria American Vase - 10 inch

Vase – 10″

Fostoria American Vase - 12 inch

Vase – 12″

Identification & Reference Books

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