Fostoria | American | 5" Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl – 5″


Item Number:  #149
Height:  5″
Production Dates:  1935-1958

The Fostoria American pattern produced Rose Bowls in two different sizes – a 3½” version, and a larger 5″ Rose Bowl.  The one pictured here is the 5″ size.  This particular Rose Bowl has a neck opening of about 2″. There is a band of approximately 1″ of clear glass surrounding the neck.

Fostoria | American | Rose BowlsThe base of this Rose Bowl is approximately 3¼” wide, with a pointed ray design on the bottom.  Of the two Rose Bowls produced, it is this larger version that was introduced last.  Both of the different-sized Rose Bowls were discontinued in the late 1950’s, sometime around 1958.

It is important to note that the 5″ Rose Bowl was later “reproduced” (or re-released) after the Fostoria Glass Company was sold. Other companies, such as Lancaster Colony, reproduced this item. Reproduced pieces can vary in glass quality and in the design. The neck (or opening) of the reproduced 5″ Rose Bowl usually has a larger opening than the one made at the Fostoria Glass Factory.  Older Fostoria pieces had a ground bottom and offered greater brilliance from fire polishing.

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