Fostoria American Vase - 12 inch

Vase – 12 Inch


Item Number:  #V-10
Height:  12″
Production Dates:  1915-1944

Fostoria Glass Company made a wide variety of vases in the American pattern.  All of their vases are quite beautiful – from the small to the large variety.  The 12″ Vase is a tall and gorgeous piece.  It is definitely one of my most heaviest vases – weighing in at six (6) pounds!  When I take it to its destination, I cradle it much like a baby – ensuring it arrives safely.

Fostoria | American | 12" VaseThe top opening diameter of the 12″ Vase is approximately 4½”.  It was a pioneering piece of the initial 1915 catalog debut of the American pattern. Production for this piece started in 1915 and ended around 1944.  Of all the four different sized vases in this style, the 12″ Vase is the tallest.

Some people also refer to these vases as “Straight Vases”, based on their shape.  This is an easy way to differentiate them from other vases; however, that is not their official Fostoria name.

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