Fostoria | American | Flower Pot with Perforated Cover

Flower Pot and Cover


Item Number:  #V-03
Height:  5½″
Production Dates:  1915-1923

The Fostoria American Flower Pot, with a perforated Cover, is a very rare piece. It debuted in the original 1915 catalog that introduced the American line.  The Flower Pot was only produced for a few years, making it one of the rarest pieces in the entire American collection. If you are lucky enough to find one, you can expect to pay handsomely for it – up into the four-digit range.

You can sometimes find the two pieces separately; however, that does not happen very often.  It is possible though.  For example, the perforated Cover could have been removed from the bottom Flower Pot.  Over the years, if someone stumbled across it, they might not have known that it belonged with another piece.  The Cover would look similar to a frog lid – and some people might assume it was just that.

The same is true for the Flower Pot bottom, which was actually an open compote.  The Flower Pot, without the top, would also look like a bowl.  Most people would not even think that it was possible that it had a top.  So, be on the look-out for the individual pieces as well.  With a little bit of luck, and research, you just might be able to put them back together again.

The complete Flower Pot, with its Cover, is approximately 5½” in height.  That height measurement could vary slightly.  Remember, these items were hand-made.  Some books state the height measurement as 4½”; however, the 1915 Fostoria catalog lists the complete Flower Pot (with Cover) at a height of 5½”. The perforated Cover, by itself, is almost 1″ thick.  The diameter of the Flower Pot, with its perforated Cover, is approximately 9½”.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Flower Pots on eBay.  Just remember, the Flower Pot is extremely rare – so the search results might be minimal – if any. You could also try to find one at, estate sales, glass shows, etc.

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