Fostoria American 8-Inch Flared Vase

Flared Vase – 8 Inch

Vases & Bouquet Holders

Item Number:  786
Height:  8″
Production Dates:  1935-1970

Flared Vase BaseMany different types of vases were produced in the Fostoria American pattern.  There were three different sizes made for the vases that had flared top edges (with mainly straight sides).  The Vase pictured here is the 8″ size. The next size up was an 10″, and the smallest was a 6″.  All of them were introduced into the American pattern in the mid-to-late 1930’s.

The Flared Vases are some of my most favorite pieces in the Fostoria American Line.  The top edge of the vases flare slightly outward, just enough to allow the flowers to drape gently to the sides.  Another advantage that I find with the Flared Vases is that they are easier for me to move around the house.  I don’t worry as much about dropping them, or my hands slipping off, as I do with a more straight-edged vase.

There is great clarity with the glass – with very little distortion.  The top edge of the vase flares gently outward, and is very smooth to the touch.  The lower portion of the vase is straight-sided; however, the base extends further outward – providing a very stable footing.  The bottom of the vase is smooth, with a petal-like design.

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