Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Sweetpea Vase

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Fostoria | American | Sweetpea Vase

The Fostoria American Sweetpea Vase is just that – sweet.  While most people today spell the word “sweet pea” as two separate words, the Fostoria Glass Company did describe and spell the vase as one word – “Sweetpea”.  With a bowl shape, the sides gradually flow upward and outward.  Instead of a serrated top edge, this vase’s edging is a clear and smooth rim of glass.

The Sweetpea Vase is approximately 4½” high, with a top opening of about 7″. The bottom of the vase has a ray or petal-like design, and is about 3″ in diameter. Most of the Sweetpea Vases are fire-polished, with a ground bottom.

Fostoria | American | SweetPea VaseWhen viewing the Sweetpea Vase online, or in pictures, the size can be deceiving.  It looks small; much like a cup.  It is not small or slight in weight. A hefty piece of glass it is, and quite substantial.

The Sweetpea Vase is not a rare piece; however, it is not one of the most common ones either.  It was produced at the Fostoria Glass Factory from around 1935 – 1958.  The form and shape of this lovely vase is just perfect for making a floral arrangement with delicate and fragrant Sweet Peas.

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