Fostoria American Vase | Tall Celery | 6 Inch

Vase | Tall Celery


The Fostoria Glass Company made a wide variety of vases in the American pattern.  From Rose Bowls to bigger and taller pieces, there were a lot of shapes and sizes in between. According to the official Fostoria catalog pages, this particular Vase was called either two things – a Vase, or a Tall Celery dish.  It debuted in the 1915 catalog as a Tall Celery, and later in production it was simply called a Vase.

Some people also refer to this piece as a Straight Vase (based on its shape) or a Vertical Celery dish.  The Vase came in four different sizes – 6″, 8″, 10″ or a 12″.

The Vase | Tall Celery dish pictured in this post is 6″ high, has a base width of approximately 3¾”, and is quite substantial.  The bottom base of the Vase has a ray design.  The cube design is thick and beautifully fire-polished.

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