Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Cupped Vase – 10″

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Fostoria | American | Cupped Vase

The Fostoria American Cupped Vase is named appropriately, as the top of the vase is “cupped” inward.  The body shape is similar to the extremely rare Bagged Vase; however, what makes them different is the reshaping of their respective necks.  The Cupped Vase was discontinued in the early 1940’s. While it is not the rarest of vases, it’s not a common find either.

The height of the Cupped Vase is approximately 10 inches; however, it can vary slightly.  The inside neck has an opening of about 3½” inches.  The neck itself is void of any cubed design, and is a thick 2″ band of clear glass that cups inward. The bottom of the vase is approximately 3¼” wide.

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