Fostoria American Floating Garden

Floating Gardens / Ovals

Bowls & Centerpieces

Item Numbers:  #B-07 (9″) – #416 (10″) – #417 (11½”)
Three Sizes:  9″, 10″, and 11½”
Production Dates:  See Below

The very first item to debut was in 1915, and it was the larger 11½” Oval.  The other two smaller Ovals were introduced in 1916.  Out of the three different sizes, the smaller 9″ Oval had the shortest life – only being produced until the late 1920s.  The 10″ Floating Garden (Oval) debuted in 1916 and it’s last year of production was in 1973.  The larger 11½” Floating Garden (Oval) was last made in 1958.  The Floating Gardens were primarily in constant production throughout their lives; however, there were a few intermittent years during wartime when they were dropped from the 2056 production line.

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