Fostoria American Glassware - Line #2056

Flared Vase 7″ | High Foot

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Fostoria | American | Flared Vase 7" | High Foot

The 7” Flared Vase (High Foot) is a very intriguing piece in the Fostoria American line.  It is large, with a solid base, and glistens from head to toe! This item is unique in that it has dual purposes; hence, it is known by two different names – a Flared Vase, and a High Foot.  If you turn the Vase upside down, it is then the “High Foot” – a stand used for the Fostoria American Punch Bowls.

Interestingly enough, there are published books on Fostoria American that give conflicting dates of production on this piece.  I can say with 100% confidence that one of the books is incorrect with its published 1949 production ending date, as I have original Fostoria Glass catalogs validating that fact that it was still being produced well into the 1950’s.  The Flared Vase/High Foot was no longer being made in 1960.  The only Foot being produced at that time was the “Low Foot”.

Fostoria | American | High Foot | When turned upside down, also known as the "7-Inch Flared Vase".The opening of the Flared Vase (High Foot) is very large, with a width of about 9¾”.  The base is approximately 6¼” in diameter, and it is about 7″ in height.

The 7” Flared Vase (High Foot) has large proportions; therefore, it has a different range of cube sizes throughout its design.  The larger scaled cubes are noticed near the top (where it is larger) and then as the Vase tapers in size – so does the size of the cubes.  The reverse would be true if you were using it as a High Foot for a Punch Bowl.

Since this particular piece has not been produced for a very long time, it is not in great quantity in the aftermarket.  You can still find them; however, they are slightly harder to locate.  Keep in mind that if you are looking for this piece, you should also search for the term “Flared Vase” and/or “High Foot” for a Punch Bowl – as sellers could have it listed as either, or both.  Please click the following affiliate link if you are interested in searching for available Flared Vases on eBay.