Item Number:  V-06, V-07, V-08, V-09
Height:  Varies from 9″ to 26″
Production Dates:  V-07, V-08, V-09 1915-1927 and V-06 1937-1944

Swung Vases are fascinating, as they were literally swung into shape from various sizes of straight vases.  Heights range from 9″ all the way to 23″-26″.  Vases vary in height by as much as 2-3 inches.  The height variation applies to all sizes, with the biggest variation found in the tallest Swung Vase.

The American pattern was introduced in 1915.  It was at this time that three Swung Vases made their debut. The three sizes that were made from 1915-1927 are:

  • 15″ Swung Vase (height varies from 14-16 inches) – Item V-07
  • 20″ Swung Vase (height varies from 18-20 inches) – Item V-08
  • 25″ Swung Vase (height varies from 23-26 inches) – Item V-09

Later, around 1937, a smaller 9″-12″ Swung Vase (V-06) was introduced.  It was produced from 1937-1944.  By this time, the previous taller versions were no longer in production.  The smaller Swung Vase is not easily found; however, they are easier to locate than the taller vases. Prices and rarity rankings increase in correlation to the height and size of the vase.  In other words, the smaller 9″-12″ Swung Vase is less expensive and easier to locate than the rarest and most expensive of them all – the 25″ Swung Vase.

Even though the Swung Vases are tall and narrow, they do have a substantial base on which to sit.  This is very important, because truth be told … these vases could topple over much easier than other American vases.  The Swung Vases are absolutely stunning.

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