Fostoria American Flower Box

Flower Box ~ Oblong Butter Cover

Vases & Bouquet Holders

Item Number:  BX-01
Approximate Size:  5½” L – 2¼” W – 1½” H
Production Dates:  1940-1948 as Flower Box; 1940-1983 as Oblong Butter Cover

The Flower Box is actually the same piece as the Oblong Butter Cover.  Fostoria simply described it as two separate pieces, each with a different use.  When it was displayed as a Flower Box, it was classified under the “Vases” category.  It was only described and shown as a Flower Box for a few years; thereafter, it was eliminated from the catalogs.  The Oblong Butter Cover; however, continued to be in production through 1983.

If you are interested in learning more about the availability of this piece, please click the following sponsored link for available Flower Boxes on eBay. I used the term “oblong butter cover” in the search terms as very few people describe this item as a Flower Box.

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