Fostoria American Footed Bud Vase - Cupped 6"

Footed Bud Vase, Cupped – 6″

Vases & Bouquet Holders

Item Number:  762
Height:  6″
Production Dates:  1940-1982

The Footed Bud Vases in the Fostoria American line came in two versions – Cupped or Flared.  Both versions offered two different sizes – 6″ or 8½”. The Footed Bud Vase pictured here is the Cupped version.  Sizes are approximate, as is for most hand-made items.  The Bud Vase from my personal collection is 6¼” tall – slightly taller than the official 6″ description.

After the Fostoria Glass Company closed its doors, several moulds in the American line were then transferred over to the new owner, Lancaster Colony. Thereafter, several pieces in the Fostoria American line were reproduced by other glass companies, such as Dalzell-Viking, L.E. Smith, Fenton, etc.   The Footed Bud Vases were some of the items chosen to be reproduced, being made by Dalzell-Viking Glass until the company closed its doors in 1998.  Slight variations in quality and/or appearance could be possible when comparing a reproduced piece to an item made at the original Fostoria Glass factory.

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