Fostoria American 6" Square Urn

Square Urn – 6 Inch


Item Number:  #759
Height:  6″
Production Dates:  1939-1970

Fostoria made two Square Urns in the American pattern – a 7½” and a 6″ size. The Urn shown here is the 6″.  As I have mentioned in several other posts, the size can vary – due to each piece being handmade.  While the Fostoria Glass catalogs printed the height as 6″, I have found that size can vary by about ½”.  When I measured my Square Urn, it was 6½” tall.

Fostoria | American | Square Urns | This is the smallest size of the two - the 6".The Square Urns are hefty in weight, and have a very sturdy foot (approximately a 3″ square).  I like the Urns, for they are different.  Most other vases were rounded or curved; however, this square design gives them a unique and elegant look.  They were discontinued around 1970, so if you have one … you know it is at least 50 years old, and possibly much older. The top edge is serrated, flaring slightly outward.

When one typically thinks of an “Urn”, usually an image of a covered container comes to mind. While Fostoria Glass Company did describe this piece as an Urn, it is also referred to as a Vase.  No matter how you choose to describe it, one thing is certain.  These pieces are simply beautiful.

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