Fostoria American Square Footed Vase

Square Footed Vase

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Item Number:  804
Height:  9″
Production Dates:  1933-1974

Fostoria American Square Footed Vase - White Milk GlassThis is the Fostoria American Square Footed Vase.  Unlike some of the other vases in the American pattern, Fostoria only made one size in this design. The height measurement appears to vary (depending on what book or resource you are reading).  The official Fostoria Glass catalogs published the height as 9 inches; however, there are published books on Fostoria American that state the height as 10 inches.  So, I took a ruler out and measured my personal Square Footed Vase … the measurement was 9¾” tall.  This is a fine example of how a piece can vary in size, all due to the hand craftsmanship of each and every vase.

The top diameter is approximately 5″ and the foot is about 3¼” square. The design is such that you won’t get it easily confused with other vases in the American line, for it has a unique shape all its own.  Fostoria named the vase perfectly – the “Square Footed Vase”. It is, indeed, that.

While the Square Footed Vase was predominately made in clear crystal, it was also made in Milk Glass.  The last pieces were produced in the 1970’s.  After Fostoria closed, some of the American moulds were purchased by other glass companies.  Fenton Glass was one of those companies, and they reproduced this piece in a wide variety of colors.  They even produced it in a “Key Lime” color, with a stretch glass treatment.

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