Covered Containers

The Covered Containers category is broad, and will include many different pieces that have a glass cover.  For example, you may find Butter Dishes, Candies, and other categories of dishes listed in this one section.  Therefore, a piece like the Round Butter & Cover may be listed in two different categories – the Butter Dishes and the Covered Containers gallery.  This list will not include items that have a metal cover (they will be listed in a different category in the future.)  The same is true for any type of Shaker.

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Butter and Cover

Comport and Cover

Footed Candy and Cover

Jam Pot and Cover

Jelly and Cover

Lemon and Cover

Marmalade, Cover and Spoon

Mustard, Cover and Spoon

Nappy and Cover

Oblong Butter and Cover

Pickle | Jam Jar
and Cover

Pomade and Cover

Sugar and Cover
(aka Candy Jar)

Two Handled Preserve and Cover

3-Part Candy Box and Cover

Wedding Bowl and Cover – Small

Identification & Reference Books

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