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Footed Candy and Cover

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Fostoria | American | Footed Candy and Cover

The Fostoria Glass Company produced a few different candy dishes in the American pattern.  This particular dish is the Footed Candy and Cover.  It does have a hexagon foot; therefore, some people refer to it as the Hexagon Footed Candy Dish.  The latter name describes it well, just bear in mind that the official name from Fostoria Glass was a “Footed Candy and Cover”.

Bearing a hexagon foot, the Footed Candy and Cover stands approximately 7″ tall (with the Cover).  It was produced from approximately 1948-1982.  Later, it was briefly produced in the Ruby color.  Since the clear crystal version was produced for many years, this piece is not considered a rare item. Obviously, the Ruby Footed Candy and Cover is more rare, and demands a higher value.

Finding a Footed Candy and Cover today that does not have any fleabites, nicks, or dings in the rim of the Cover can be a bit challenging.  Excellent specimens abound; however, there are many more with tell-tale signs.  The actual Candy and Cover (two pieces) interlock with each other, so if someone hastily – or harshly – put the Cover back on, damage could occur.  When searching for this piece, be sure to take the Cover off and inspect it.  If searching online, try to get the Seller to display a picture of the Cover’s bottom rim before purchasing.

Please click the following sponsored link for available Footed Candy and Covers on eBay.  Since people sometimes refer to this item as the Hexagon Footed Candy Dish, you might need to modify your search terms accordingly.

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