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Marmalade and Cover

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Fostoria | American | Marmalade and Cover

The Fostoria American Marmalade and Cover looks somewhat similar in form to the American Mustard and Cover. The Marmalade and Cover was only manufactured for a few years, starting around 1937.  Because of its limited life span, this piece is not considered a common item, nor is it extremely rare. What is rare; however, is finding the original spoon that was sold with the Marmalade and Cover.

When the Marmalade and Cover was originally produced and sold, it consisted of three pieces – the Marmalade, the Cover, and a Spoon.  I am still hoping to find one of the original spoons.  Some of the published books on Fostoria American have conflicting information on the details and photos of the Spoon.  I don’t agree with all that I have read or seen.

Based on my research thus far, I have never seen Fostoria Glass list the Marmalade as having a glass spoon.  There are some books and/or publications; however, that show the Marmalade and Cover with a glass spoon (it appears much shorter in length than it should be.)  I think it is possible that the author used a spoon that went with the smaller Mustard and Cover, and this would explain why in the book’s photo … the spoon barely pops through the hole of the Cover.  The height of the Marmalade and Cover is approximately 5½” – in comparison to the 3¾” height of the Mustard and Cover.

Fostoria | American | Marmalade and CoverThe initial production of this 3-piece set included a Chromium Spoon (not glass).  Later in production (circa 1942), the Spoon changed to a Silver-Plated version.  The Marmalade and Cover did not have a long life, and was only produced through 1943.

One immediate way to tell the difference between the Mustard and the Marmalade is to look at the bowl’s foot. The Marmalade foot consists of a beautiful starburst or ray design.  In contrast, the Mustard has a plain foot. While many people get these two pieces confused – if you remember this distinguishing fact, you will be able to determine its true identity.

If you are interested in purchasing this set, please click the following affiliate link for available Marmalade and Covers on eBay.  There are not an abundance of these pieces, so depending on when you search, their availability could be limited, or non-existent.

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