Fostoria American Handled Sugar & Cover

Handled Sugar and Cover

Covered Containers, Cream & Sugars

Item Number:  673
Approximate Size:  5¼″ H
Production Dates:  1924-1982

Fostoria | American | Handled Sugar and CoverThe Handled Sugar and Cover is the only sugar server in the American pattern that was both handled and covered.  It was introduced into the 2056 line in the mid-1920’s and remained a popular item for many years.  The Handled Sugar and Cover is larger than the Tea and Individual Sugars, making it the perfect sugar dish for serving a large gathering.

While this particular item was not sold in an official set, Fostoria Glass did produce a great companion piece in the Cream.  These two items, when paired together, make for a beautiful presentation.  Due to their bigger size, they look quite appropriate sitting on a dinner or banquet table that has been set for multiple guests.

Contrary to popular belief, the Handled Sugar was also available without a Cover!  The Handled Sugar, without a lid, is about 3¼” tall.  They were cataloged as separate items, and one could purchase either the covered version – or just the sugar bowl (without a lid).  The covered version is item #673; the uncovered version is item #674.

The Handled Sugar and Cover is about 5¼″ tall.  The sugar bowl has a smooth top rim, void of any serrated edges.  This is an item that disproves the age-old myth that we so often hear, “All Fostoria American pieces have three seam lines.”  The Handled Sugar and Cover has a total of four mould seam lines – both in the sugar bowl itself, and also in the Cover.

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