Fostoria American Jam Pot & Cover

Jam Pot & Cover

Covered Containers

Item Number:  442
Height:  4½”
Production Dates:  1948-1971

The Fostoria American Jam Pot and Cover is precious.  I like everything about it – from it’s size to its Cover. This piece was specifically called a “Jam Pot”, not to be confused with the totally different-looking Jelly and Cover. Fostoria Glass also made a 3 Pc. Jam Pot Set – which included two of these individual Jam Pots (and Covers), and a Tray.

The Jam Pot and Cover is approximately 4½” tall and the Cover is about 3″ in diameter.  Though somewhat small in stature, I find it to be the perfect size for serving jam and any other food condiment.  The Cover fits nicely on the Jam Pot, and is easy to take on and off. Since neither the Cover nor the Pot have serrated edges – they seem to have handled decades of wear with less damage, nicks, or cracks than many of their American siblings.  The smooth edges on both the Pot and the Cover have helped it survive over the years.  All glass pieces; however, still require caution and care in their handling.

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