Fostoria American Pretzel Jar and Cover

Pretzel Jar & Cover

Covered Containers

Item Number:  #362P
Height:  8⅞″
Production Dates:  1933-1944*

*This specific glass item was produced sporadically from 1915-1970 under different names.  As a Pretzel Jar & Cover, its production dates are from 1933-1944.

The glass item for the Pretzel Jar & Cover is also known as the Cracker Jar & Cover, and the Cookie Jar & Cover.  When this piece of glass was first introduced into the American 2056 line, it was called the Cracker Jar & Cover.  Later in years, circa 1933, it was reintroduced as the Pretzel Jar & Cover.  It remained so until 1944, when this item was discontinued.  It would reappear later, around 1957, as a Cookie Jar & Cover.

I actually like to use this item as a pretzel jar, more so than a cookie and/or cracker jar.  Back in the day, it was quite popular to have a container of pretzels sitting on a cocktail or beverage bar.  Today, if you’re lucky enough, you might still see this custom being practiced.   This tradition was so popular that Fostoria Glass even classified the Pretzel Jar & Cover as a “Liquor Item” in their official catalogs and price lists.  It was often seen with Decanter Sets, Footed Cocktails, and other assorted beverage items.

These jars (Pretzel/Cracker/Cookie) can vary by about ¼” in height, and most of the time that can be attributed to the size of the clear band of glass seen at the top of the jar.  The jar opening has a diameter of approximately 5¾”, with a smooth (non-serrated) rim.  Many of the bottom pieces of the Pretzel Jar (aka Cookie/Cracker) were sold to other companies that fitted them with wooden tops and other accessories to be sold as cigar and Tobacco Humidors.

Fostoria American Cookie Jar - BlueAfter the mid-to-late 1980’s, the mould for this piece was in the hands of different glass companies – Dalzell Viking Glass, etc.  Since the Fostoria Glass factory had already closed down, Dalzell Viking was contracted to produce a variety of American pieces from original FA moulds.  This Pretzel Jar & Cover was one such piece; however, when it was reintroduced and produced by Dalzell Viking – it was called a Cookie Jar & Cover.  Dalzell produced it in a Blue/Grey color (seen here) and a Cranberry/Pink color.  Other colors were made by L.E.Smith Glass Co.

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