Sugar and Cover ~ Candy Jar & Cover

Cream & Sugars

Item Number:  676
Height:  6¼”
Production Dates:  1915-1974

Fostoria | American | Sugar and CoverThe Sugar and Cover originally debuted in 1915.  Decades later, Fostoria modified the name to “Sugar and Cover” and/or a “Candy Jar and Cover”.  Many folks refer to this piece as a “Barrel Sugar” – simply because of its appearance.   Whatever name you prefer, this beautiful piece will serve sugar, candy, and an assortment of other food items – in grand style.

Of all the sugar servers produced in Fostoria’s American pattern, this Sugar and Cover is the tallest.  It is about 6¼” tall, measured with the Cover on.  My own personal piece measures 6½” in height.  Slight size variations are to be expected, especially when you consider that all the American items were finished by hand.

In my scrapbook of Fostoria memories and treasures, the Sugar and Cover is one of my most favorite American pieces.  I like the fact that it is versatile in purpose – being able to use it for serving both sugar and/or candy.  It is not seen as much as the other sugar servers in the American pattern, so there is a bit of mystery behind it.

In the original 1915 Fostoria American Catalog Supplement, it was this Sugar and Cover that was predominately featured next to the Cream Pitcher.  Fostoria also produced (circa 1915) a smaller Individual Sugar, without a lid.  The Handled Sugar and Cover came into production later.

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