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Wedding Bowl and Cover – Small

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Fostoria | American | Wedding Bowl - Small

There were two sizes of Wedding Bowls produced in the American pattern.  The smaller one has a top opening of approximately 6″ square. The bigger version has a 7″ square opening.  The difference in size between the small and big Wedding Bowls primarily deals with their top square opening measurement – not with the height of the piece.  With their Covers on, each Wedding Bowl is approximately 8-8¼” tall.

Of the two sizes, the smaller Wedding Bowl had a longer production life.  It is easier (and less expensive) to find than its bigger sibling.  That being said, it is not considered a common item either.  The smaller Wedding Bowl was discontinued in the mid-1970’s.  They were primarily produced in clear crystal; however, they also made a limited supply in white milk glass.

Fostoria | American | Wedding Bowl Bottom (Plain Version)When the Wedding Bowl was being produced, you could purchase it with (or without) a Cover.  The smaller Wedding Bowl had two bottom variations – plain (as pictured here) or one with a ray-like design in the center. The plain bottom versions are more abundant.  The foot of the smaller Wedding Bowl is about 4″ square, compared to the larger version that has a 4½” square foot.

Another interesting fact is that one Cover fits both pieces.  Fostoria Glass only produced one Cover for the Wedding Bowls, regardless of its size.  If the Cover was sitting on the smaller version (as in this post), you will notice that the Cover sits slightly outside the edges of the Wedding Bowl.  In contrast, the Cover sits completely inside the larger Wedding Bowl.

Fostoria | American | Wedding Bowl - Small. It was originally offered with, or without, a Cover.It is my belief that these Wedding Bowls are some of the finest, and most beautiful, of all the pieces in the Fostoria American line.  The history of wedding bowls goes back many years – over a century ago. They were cherished, and often used on a daily basis. When these items were being produced, they were very popular wedding gifts.  Even though times and customs have changed drastically over the years, I can’t imagine any bride-to-be (even in today’s world) not falling in love with one of these exquisite and stunning Wedding Bowls.

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