Fostoria American Wedding Bowl and Cover

Wedding Bowl and Cover

Bowls & Centerpieces, Covered Containers

Item Number:  162
Approximate Size:  6½” D – 8″ H
Production Dates:  1948-1973 (Crystal Version)

Fostoria American Milk Glass Wedding Bowl & CoverThe Wedding Bowl and Cover has a top opening of approximately 6″ square. The bigger Square Footed Bowl has a 7″ square opening.  The main difference in size between the two bowls primarily deals with their top square opening measurement.  The Wedding Bowl is approximately 8″ tall, with the Cover on.  Without the Cover, it is about 5¼” tall.  The foot of this Wedding Bowl is 4″ square, compared to the 4½” foot on the larger Square Footed Bowl.

It is my belief that these Wedding Bowls are some of the finest, and most beautiful, of all the pieces in the Fostoria American line.  The history of wedding bowls goes back many years – over a century ago. They were cherished, and often used on a daily basis. When these items were being produced, they were very popular wedding gifts.  Even though times and customs have changed drastically over the years, I can’t imagine any bride-to-be (even in today’s world) not falling in love with one of these exquisite and stunning Wedding Bowls.

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