This section does not include electric lamps that were made using American 2056 items, designed and sold by third parties.  This category includes a variety of candle holders and lamps (used with candles) – such as the American Hurricane Lamp.

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The Glass Candlestick Book, Volume 2 (sponsored link from Amazon) is a great Identification Guide for glass candlesticks made by different glass companies, including those produced in the Fostoria American 2056 line.

Fostoria | American | Candle Lamp Complete
310.  Complete Candle Lamp
311.  Chamber Candleholder
Fostoria American Candlestick 3"
314.  3″ Candlestick
Fostoria American Candlestick 6"
319.  6″ Candlestick
331.  Twin Candlestick
Fostoria American Duo Candlestick
332.  Duo Candlestick
459.  Complete Hurricane Lamp
Fostoria American Hurricane Lamp Base
460.  Hurricane Lamp Base
461.  Hurricane Lamp Chimney
Fostoria American Candle Lamp Base
26-460.  Candle Lamp Base
Fostoria American Candle Lamp Chimney
26-461.  Candle Lamp Chimney
C-01.  Candle
Fostoria American Candlestick 7"
C-02.  7″ Candlestick
Fostoria American 2-Light Candelabra
C-03.  2-Light Candelabra w/
16 U.D.P.

Identification & Reference Books

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