Ice Dish, Liners, Tubs, & Plates

The American line offered a few items for serving chilled food – from juice and fruit cocktails – to delicious seafood.  A variety of Ice Tubs were also made, shown below.  Ice Tub Plates are also featured in this section, in addition to the Plates section.

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Fostoria American Ice Bucket w/ Metal Handle
424. Ice Bucket
w/ Metal Handle
427. Ice Dish
429. Tomato Juice Liner
430. Crab Meat Liner
431. Fruit Cocktail Liner
Fostoria American Large Ice Tub
433. Large Ice Tub
Fostoria American Small Ice Tub
434. Small Ice Tub ~ 
Crushed Ice Tub
Fostoria American Ice Tub Plate - Large
552-ITL.  Large Ice Tub Plate
Fostoria | American | Small Ice Tub Plate
550-ITS. Small Ice Tub Plate
Hotel Cracked Ice
UR-03. Hotel Cracked Ice ~ Hotel Ice Tub

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